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Welcome to visit Posco Art Museum

Where an easy-to-reach museum, an open space in your life.

Welcome toPosco Art Museum

POSCO, which paved the way for Korea´s economic growth by nurturing the top steel company under the slogan, "make steel, serve the country," opened the POSCO Art Museum in 1998 as a true companion in Korea´s arts and culture under the slogan, "foster culture, serve the country." With the aim of becoming ‘an easy-to-reach museum, an open space in your life,’ our museum creates an environment for continuous communication between individuals, and between individuals and society through medium of arts.

Our museum make efforts to discover, support, and develop arts and culture which are invisible but precious and meaningful in our life. To fulfill the role of both a consumer and producer of culture, we are encouraging artistic creation by organizing exhibitions featuring various aspects of contemporary art. The museum´s exhibitions, which aim to find new artists and rediscover mid-career and established artists, provide a platform on which artists can express themselves and its collecting activities has continuously enlivened the art world.

The museum, offers opportunities in which everyone can enjoy top quality arts and culture. The visitors will find pleasure, enjoyment, and emotional fulfillment through new and diverse experiences of arts and culture. Particularly, the various education programs will meet the needs for lifelong learning. The POSCO Art Museum is still today taking the lead in putting the idea of "life-in-art, art-in-life" into practice. Please enjoy arousing your interest in art, developing creative thinking and getting experience easier and more fun at POSCO Art Museum.

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