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Vision and Mission of Posco Art Museum

Art in Life &Life in Art

POSCO Holdings has a philosophy that calls for its corporate citizenship to grow together with society. POSCO Art Museum is the art sharing site of POSCO Holdings and we aim for an abundant life with ‘Art in Life & Life in Art.’ As a propagator of the cultural values of POSCO Group, which moves the world silently, POSCO Art Museum is striving to continue the development and expansion of truly precious and meaningful culture and arts in human life.

POSCO Art Museum - as a creative art museum that spreads the corporate culture of POSCO Group, which creates something out of nothing through art with the vision of ‘Creatively, Sharing, Dignity’ - aims to establish itself as an art museum of sharing and communicating art with everyone. In addition, as an art museum with dignity suitable for POSCO Group’s global status, we will do our best to ensure that everyone across generations, age, and gender can participate in the best culture and arts.

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